Earlier this year I was given the broad prompt of “packaging a lie” in my design class. This project pushed me to think in ways I never had before. Before long I was completely immersed in research about time. I became fascinated with society's innate need to obey units of time and structure our lives around it. We trick ourselves into thinking time is linear, and that we are moving along a set path.  I developed a watch concept that claims to unlock the secret of time. The past is behind us and the future has not happened, so in actuality now is the only time that truly exists. The watch itself has a mirror replacing the face, emphasizing that your reflection is a genuine moment in time. The brand is called “WON”, its reflection in a mirror flips the name to reveal the word “NOW”. Upon opening the box, you read the phrase "Your Time is Now". This phrase will be forever etched in my mind, acting as a constant reminder to live happily in the present, not to dwell on the past or worry about the future.
20 x 18 in // Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimensions & Blender // 2019
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